Bride Wars Movie Review

“Bride Wars” is centered around Liv, played by Kate Hudson, and Emma, who is played by Anne Hathaway. However, putting Anne Hathaway in a movie with Kate Hudson was a bad idea. They had absolutely no chemistry. Also, Anne Hathaway is pretty obnoxious in the movie. Her acting sucks, and it brings the rest of the cast down. However, those of us who love Kate Hudson can get past this.

The two start out as best friends. They are two completely different girls who just adore each other – isn’t that always how it works? Both women get proposed to by their boyfriends at around the same time, and they both want the same dream wedding in the same establishment. There’s a mistake in the computer, though, and their weddings, which should have been about two weeks apart, ended up being booked on the same day. They start bickering about this immediately. One of them would surely have to change their wedding date. However, neither of them were willing to do this.

They both tried to get a head start on sending out their pre-invitation “save the date” notices so everyone would attend their wedding and not the other. Then, since their friendship is now in shambles, they both decide that they want to destroy the other’s wedding. Once they are battling it out, the movie starts to get better. The two play pretty hilarious pranks on one another. Liv ends up with blue hair, and Emma ends up with orange skin. In between these funny moments are pretty boring ones, and I almost completely lost interest few times, but the funny moments sucked me back in.

Things calm down for them before the big day, but one decides to play one last huge prank on the other, essentially ruining the wedding. To find out whose wedding gets destroyed and who gets her “happily ever after”, go see the movie. Honestly, it made me smile, I laughed a little, and it wasn’t terrible. It isn’t the kind of thing I’d watch again, though.