Now You’re Going To Get To See Star Wars in 3D?

Okay I’ve been a Star Wars fan for almost 30 years now. I’ve consumed all the games, toys and remakes of the movies that any loyal Star Wars fan can. But now it appears that Lucas is going to remake the entire 6 Star Wars movies in 3D? What the hell? I know the guy likes milking the franchise for all it’s worth and I’m even behind the re-release of the original sacred trilogy with all the unseen footage. I’ll even pre-order the sucker so I can add it to my collection.

But alas these Star Wars 3D shennanigans is up there with the worst decision he’s made since Greedo has to shoot first. I’d even forgive him for Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen acting the movies into the ground. But to suddenly jump on the 3D bandwagon… it’s that step too far George. You own the movies – that’s cool. But what makes you think that adding 3D bits to them would make any sense at all?

If this was something being done for the fans then I’d get it. I’d be cool with it. But it’s not for the fans so I don’t get it and I’m not cool with it.

Avatar set the tone for what a movie planned and shot in 3D can achieve. I’m still amazed by how immersive the Avatar experience was but it was planned to be that way all along so it worked and worked very, very well. Say what you want about the movie or the plot but the entire experience worked a treat.

Then we need to take a look at Clash of the Titans. This was the movie that proved that not everything should be shot in 3D. Not only that but you definitely don’t bolt on 3D effects after the movie was made. Jaws 3D had more realism when it came down to it and the one lasting impression that COTT left on me was – very, very annoying. 3D actually ruined the movie for me and I’ve been waiting for that remake for a good 20 years or so!

Adding 3D to the Star Wars franchise for future movies is a great idea. It can be planned and implemented from the very start. But to take movies that are over 20 years old and start adding in silly 3D effects just for the sake of it. Nope I can’t get behind that one at all.

Hopefully Mr Lucas will have a rethink on this one because unless he’s willing to reshoot all the original movies with entirely digital actors I can’t see how this can work in a way that will make any Star Wars fan happy.