Star Wars – What Were Your Favorite Moments?

No movie or set of movies has ever stuck in my head quite so much as the Star Wars franchise. I’ll admit that I’m more of a fan of the older movies truth be told but there are lots of different reasons for that. The movies themselves have spanned generations but I think it’s interesting that despite the age gaps between one generation of fan and the next that Star Wars has held it’s appeal over the decades.

So now we know you’re a fan of Star Wars can you pick out your favorite moments from these movies? I know for most fans that’s like asking how far is up but if you think about it there are some moments in these movies that will stand out more than others. While I was putting the first parts of this article together I had a quick ponder on my own favorite moments from all 6 Star Wars movies.

Darth Vader Vs Luke lightsaber duel in Jedi

AT-AT and Snowspeeder battle on in Empire

Darth Maul vs Qui Gonn and Obi Wan duel in Phantom Menace

Millennium Falcon asteroid chase in Empire

Republic Army Vs Droid Army in Clone Wars

Anakin Vs Obi Wan lightsaber duel in ROTS

Rebel assault on the first Death Star – Episode IV

There’s no real theme to any of my favorite parts of these movies. Well except for maybe the John Williams score – particularly for the Darth Vader Vs Luke Skywalker lightsaber duel in Jedi and the millennium Falcon asteroid chase in Empire. The cinematography and score for these scenes set them apart from most others because every element worked so well. These scenes are embedded in my memory in a way that new movies failed to.

It’s not that the new movies (only Lucas would release prequels last eh?) are lacking in amazing scenes – I’ve listed some of my favorites ones already. But the older movies relied more on atmosphere and shooting the scene properly than just throwing in a load of special effects to overload your brain! It’s when movie making was more of a craft and when less definitely did more.

So what were your Top 5 favorite moments from all the Star Wars movies??