The Best Korean War Movies

What makes the Korean war movies fun is the fact that it has a lot of feelings in it. Just like every other movie, feelings matter the most. So when Koreans make the movie they want the audience to feel the emotions running through the scenes. The two movie that I’m going to tell you about are great because it has everything in it. And good actors to play the roles. So here are the movies.

Tae Guk Ki: It means Korean flag in English and this is somewhat like the Brotherhood Of War. It’s about a little brother that had to go to the military so the older brother tagged along to save his younger brother. But because the war broke out inside Korea, the family suffered. The older brother got the medal of honor for his good decisions. But that led to fame which made him forget about his younger brother. Things happened and feelings conflicted. Then something went totally wrong. This is why you have to watch the movie because there is so much emotion throughout the movie.

71 Into The Fire: This is about 71 high school students fighting hundreds of North Korean soldiers. This is actually a true story. It portrays two kids who both tries to lead the students toward the fight. They conflict each other but they happen to turn out to be good friends. War is crazy during that time so watch how they suffered and how scared they were when they knew they had to face off against hundreds of soldiers.

War movies will have the most impact towards you because war time is tragic. Combined with emotion, it becomes a very good movie. You should watch both movies but maybe Tae Guk Ki first because that is the older version. They are both superb movies.