The Star Wars Movies Will Come to Life in Your Living Room With the Star Wars Lego Sets!

When I was a kid Lego toys were nothing but some building block toys that were a little better than similar toys like the Lincoln logs, but nowhere near as cool as the video game consoles that were starting to become available like the Atari 2600! However, this has now changed and Lego, are the most popular and famous toys all over the world!

In the late nineties Lego saw their profits plummet so they decided that they needed to do something to get the public’s attention again They thought that the best way to achieve that would be to team up with one of the most popular and beloved franchises in cinematic history: Star Wars! This is how the Star Wars Lego Sets were born!

Star Wars is by far the most successful and popular movie franchise of all time so Lego’s decision to make toys based on it was really smart and it really paid off! Star Wars Lego Sets are now much more than just toys or collections of Lego bricks, they have become valuable collector’s items!

Practically every major event, character and spaceship from the movies has been recreated in Lego form in the Star Wars Lego sets! One of the most popular sets for example is the extremely movie accurate Millennium Falcon Lego! Then there’s the Imperial Cruiser set, the gigantic Death Star Set and of course a model based one the most iconic star-fighter ever created, the legendary X-Wing fighter!

The attention to detail and craftsmanship on the Star Wars Lego sets is awesome and like all Lego toys, building them is extremely fun! They’d also be a great father and son project!